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Typical truck-buyers are looking for a heavy-duty vehicle that can reliably haul their cargo, while offering a comfortable driving experience. Nissan’s Frontier certainly can do just that, but with some added benefits. The Frontier is a versatile pickup that can be used for towing, camping, off-roading, or simple errands around the town. This vehicle is a great option for someone who does heavy lifting on the job, but does not want to purchase another car for their leisure time. To learn more about the many hats that a Frontier can wear, read on!

The Frontier comes fully loaded with a whole host of utility and performance features specifically for towing. At its most minimal trim, the Frontier can haul 3,800 lbs and its towing capacity pushes 6,720 lbs when upgrading to higher-priced models. This means your Frontier can haul boats, cars, small campers, and more with confidence. The standard powertrain with this model is a 310 horsepower 3.8 liter V6 engine with a 9-speed automatic transmission which provides enough power to tow safely and with control.

Nissan offers a plethora of custom-fit and durability-tested towing accessories that you can add on to your Frontier. All toys come with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty so you get the best value for your money. Need to haul lengthy items or just expand your bed a few extra feet? Check out the sliding bed extender made of lightweight aluminum with a durable powder-coated finish. This extender can lock into place anywhere you want along the utili-track channels to give you maximum versatility in a few simple steps. All towing packages include a tow hitch receiver, hitch ball mount, hitch cap, and trailer tow harness that are designed to fit perfectly with a Frontier. These accessories are dealer-installed so you can get straight to business the second you drive your Frontier off the lot!

The Frontier’s truck bed is spacious and can accommodate up to 1,460 lbs of cargo. It is made from a high-tensile-steel ladder chassis to offer the most support for whatever you need to carry. A spray-on protective bed liner is available to avoid corrosion or other damage from weather and tossing in cargo. The utili-track channel system makes securing your load easier than ever. Made up of five specifically placed channels, utili-track allows you to tie down objects in the truck bed at a multitude of tie-down points. Four channels run the length of the pickup bed while one runs the width, so you can confidently secure everything you need to carry with the peace of mind that nothing will budge out of place.

When work is over and it is time for play, don’t bother parking your Frontier in the garage. Your pickup is the perfect vehicle for a weekend camping getaway with the easy install bed tent. This tent can turn your Frontier’s bed into a sturdy, flat sleeping area so you never have to bother with time-consuming tent set-ups. The bed tent seamlessly unfolds into a dome-shape, and has an external rainfly to keep you and your belongings dry in the case of wet weather. When it comes time to get back to work, the lightweight bed tent can easily be removed to transform your Frontier into a regular pickup.  

The Frontier’s high ground clearance and wide flared wheel arches make it ideal for going off the beaten path. Whether you need to bring cargo to a new worksite, or you just want to satisfy your curiosity with an off-road adventure, the Frontier is ready to take you there. This pickup’s 4×4 tech will keep you secure and stable on slick roads or rough terrain so you can stay in control when it matters most. The active ride control feature will adapt braking patterns and engine torque if needed to make driving in hilly areas smoother than ever before. When driving through mountainous terrain, hill start assist will kick in to hold brake pressure for a few seconds while you switch from the brakes to the accelerator, preventing your Frontier from rolling backward downhill. The intelligent trace control system can independently apply brake pressure to certain wheels, allowing you to smoothly round corners and maintain traction with the road.

Casual Driving
Clearly, the Frontier is a capable and reliable pickup that can haul heavy loads and take you on the roughest terrain. The best part is, this truck keeps you comfortable and confident right from the driver’s seat. Dual-zone automatic climate control allows both you and your passengers to change temperatures based on your own personal preferences, and optional heated front seats are a must for cold-weather dwellers. Push-button ignition means no more fumbling for your keys to unlock or start your Frontier. Simply press the ignition button while your key fob stays in your bag or pocket and you can set off on the road.

Easily connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to DJ while you drive, enjoying the sweet sound provided by up to ten Rockford Fosgate premium speakers. The Frontier’s digital display screen can be used to navigate your way through uncharted territory with GPS, or search the web via Facebook, Tripadvisor, Google, and more. With a hefty pickup like the Frontier, you may need some guidance in tight spaces. This is why Nissan offers the rear sonar system to keep you safe when reversing. This system will alert you with a beep if it detects an object in your way, and a rear-facing camera will show everything going on behind you displayed on your dashboard screen.

Safety may not be the most flashy or fun discussion when buying a new vehicle, but it is the most important thing to consider at the end of the day. Serious accidents may seem like a rare occurrence, but if you find yourself in harm’s way you will want to be confident that your vehicle has your back. With the Frontier, you can enjoy peace of mind that Nissan has engineered this truck to protect you in emergency situations. The Frontier comes with a minimum of six airbags with seat belt and occupant-classification sensors to minimize damage to you and your passengers in the case of a crash. Vehicle dynamic control works to keep you on track by differentially applying the brakes when a deviation from your steered path is detected. In snowy or icy conditions, the traction control system can sense wheels slipping or spinning, and kick in automatically to maintain grip with the road.

Nissan has kept the Frontier design simple and sturdy throughout the years, which is why pickup fanatics keep coming back to this reliable truck. This no-frills, get-to-work truck is perfect for your day job just as much as a weekend family getaway. The Frontier’s power and versatility make it a top competitor against other pickups on the market. If you are interested in looking at a Frontier in person, or speaking to a salesperson about the many cab and trim options available, feel free to stop by Graff Nissan today.

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