Tips on How to Connect Bluetooth to Nissan Rogue

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Tips on How to Connect Bluetooth to Nissan Rogue

There’s nothing better than cruising down the open road in your car and listening to your favorite music. The easiest way to have your choice of music freely accessible when driving is by connecting your phone’s Bluetooth to your car.

Many Nissan vehicles have smartphone integration as a standard feature for both Android and iOS devices. This feature gives access to your favorite apps via compatible smartphones with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration. 

Before syncing your car to other devices, you’ll need to be sure that they are compatible.

By connecting Bluetooth to your car, you can:

Answer and make calls via your car stereo

Quickly read and reply to text messages using the voice commands

Stream audio from your phone or tablet’s playlist while driving


Connecting to Nissan’s Bluetooth System

The process of connecting to Nissan’s Bluetooth System is quick and straightforward for compatible Apple and Android devices.

If you have an Android device you’ll need to: 

Open the Android device’s settings and ensure that the Bluetooth functionality is on.

If your car has navigation technology, as the Nissan Rogue does, select the audio system’s ‘Phone’ or ‘Device’ button, and then choose ‘Connect’. You’ll now be able to connect your Android device. 

Navigate to Bluetooth settings on your Android device and choose ‘Scan for Devices’. 

Select and connect to ‘MY-CAR’.

Check that the passwords shown on the car’s display and your device match. If so, select ‘Yes’.


If you possess an Apple device you’ll need to:

Open your Apple device’s settings and turn the Bluetooth on.

If your vehicle comes with navigation technology (the Nissan Rogue does), press the audio system’s ‘Phone’ or ‘Device’ button, and then choose ‘Connect’. Now you can connect your Apple device.

Navigate to your device settings, select Bluetooth, and then choose ‘MY-CAR’ to pair your device.

Confirm that the pins shown on your Apple device and your car’s display are the same.


If you are experiencing problems with checking for compatibility or connecting your devices, visit any used Nissan dealer in Okemos, MI, to be assisted in getting your Bluetooth system set up.

Expert Tip:

Remember, it is against the law to text, make, or receive calls while driving, as you may lose focus and cause accidents. If in doubt, stop driving and park by the side of the road before using your phone or other mobile devices.  


Key Takeaways

If you have a Nissan Rogue and want to connect to its Bluetooth system, all you need do is check whether your mobile device is compatible.

After checking for compatibility, follow the above simple steps to connect to the Nissan Bluetooth system and confirm that the gadgets are in sync to enable you to access your smart device via your car. If you experience any problems, do not get just anyone to assist you; visit your local authorized used Nissan dealer in Okemos, MI, for proper assistance.

Don’t forget to exercise caution while driving and accessing your smart device by keeping your eye on the road at all times. 

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