Technology Included In The Nissan Altima

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Nissan’s Altima showcases the brand's most up-to-date tech. The Nissan Intelligent Mobility system can integrate information from your device to your vehicle so you can drive hands free while still staying connected. Let’s take a deeper look at all the technology specs provided with the Altima, and how they can make your life run smoother.

Staying in Touch
The Altima’s 8 inch touch screen display can show you where to go or what song your friend is playing from the passenger side. Apple and Android devices can be connected to the system so you can ask for directions, change music, or respond to a text all while keeping your hands on the wheel. GPS directions from your smartphone will be displayed on the touchscreen along with real-time traffic updates. If you are in need of gas, a coffee, or any other service while driving, you can ask the Altima to search for destinations by voice and watch as results pop up on your screen’s map.

You can also pair your smartphone with the Altima so you can control your car remotely from the palm of your hand. With the NissanConnect app, you are able to lock and unlock your doors, start your vehicle, set temperature settings, and even turn on the horn and headlights if you are having trouble finding your car.

Safety Tech
In the event of an emergency, your Altima will automatically call for help if airbags are deployed. To avoid these kinds of situations, the Altima comes with a slew of high-tech safety features. Your car will sound an alert if it detects a pedestrian, something in your blind spot, or rear cross traffic. All models come with automatic front and rear emergency braking if a collision is detected, and lane departure assistance to keep you from drifting out of your lane. The Altima also has high beam assistance so you do not accidentally blind oncoming vehicles. If high beams are on and oncoming traffic is detected, your car will temporarily switch back to normal headlights. Lastly, adaptive cruise control will monitor your following distance from the car in front of you and adjust your distance accordingly to avoid the risk of collision.

If you have a new driver in the family, you are able to set limitations on speed as well as a curfew for driving your Altima. You can also set a driving radius so your bold teen can only rebel so many miles away from your home base. The Altima will also monitor your steering as you drive and send an alert if the system senses that you are drowsy or tired and need to take a break.

Witness the Altima Up Close
With all this new technology, the best way to experience the Altima is up close and in person. We welcome you to visit Graff Nissan of Okemos today for a tour of the Altima or to see how these tech features play out on the road with a test drive!

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