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When buying a new car, we know it is always more fun to focus on entertainment or swanky futuristic design. Everyone loves to hear about the newest technology and how it can make their commute to work more enjoyable, or allow them to preheat their car on a cool day from the comfort of their living room. These features are sometimes the deciding factor for many consumers who crave innovative tech, but we want to remind you that returning to the basics is often the best decision you can make for yourself and your family.

Turning your attention to vehicle safety may sound boring, but the reality is these features will matter more than any infotainment or nifty climate control system if you are in harm’s way. Luckily, Nissan has you covered across the board. With excellent safety ratings, and cutting edge tech, the Nissan Murano is guaranteed to keep you entertained and secure no matter what the circumstances. We’re here to outline all of the safety features included with the Murano so you can drive confidently, and get down to the fun technology to make your driving experience more enjoyable.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave the Murano the highest possible safety rating with 5/5 stars. These ratings are an amalgamation of multiple crash tests, including a front impact collision, side impact crash, and a rollover scenario. This impressive performance when it comes to an inevitable collision is all thanks to Nissan’s numerous airbags and perfectly designed zone body construction. The Murano includes 10 airbags throughout the cabin with dual stage supplemental airbags up front. These airbags will adjust the deployment force based on seat belt and occupant classification sensors so that they do not unnecessarily cause harm to smaller individuals that may be riding or driving in the front seats. Knee mounted airbags, as well as seat-mounted supplemental side airbags move with you as you adjust your seat, so they are always perfectly aligned to protect your body. Roof mounted airbags with a rollover sensor will protect you and your passengers heads in the case of a serious rolling crash. In a situation where your vehicle is compressed, the Murano’s strategically placed crumple zones aim to keep the integrity of the passenger cabin and absorb the pressure to less important areas such as the hood.

Hopefully drivers will never have to experience Nissan’s advanced airbag system and crumple zone features. The Murano performs extremely well in crash tests, but more importantly this vehicle includes multiple systems to keep you in control as the driver, even in poor weather conditions or rough terrain. In periods of oversteering or understeering, the Murano’s vehicle dynamic control will kick in to adjust engine power or brake specific wheels and help keep you on the right path. This feature works great on wet or slick roads that may tempt your car to slide out of line. Working in tandem with vehicle dynamic control, the traction control system monitors wheels for unnecessary spin or slip. This system will reduce power until you regain grip with whatever surface you are on.

The Murano integrates multiple braking systems in order to ensure that you can safely come to a stop when it matters most. The anti-lock braking system (ABS) is designed to prevent your wheels from locking up when slamming on the brakes so you remain in control. ABS works by quickly pumping the brakes to gain better traction with the road and prevent colliding into forward traffic or objects. Electronic brake force distribution selectively increases braking pressure on certain wheels based on load weight, road conditions, and speed to give you stronger braking performance in a range of conditions.

These systems essentially work silently, without the driver ever noticing, but largely contribute to the Murano’s handling and driving experience. Nissan includes a slew of other features that are more noticeable to the driver, called the Safety Shield 360. Made up of six technologically advanced safety specs, the shield keeps you protected from every angle. Features included with the shield are as follows:

Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection-using a forward facing radar and camera, the Murano will monitor for vehicles and pedestrians crossing. Audible and visual warnings will be given if you get too close to pedestrians, or your vehicle will automatically apply the brakes to lessen the severity of a collision.
Rear automatic braking-rear facing monitors will warn you if there is an obstruction behind you when in reverse, and brakes will be applied to avoid contact.
Rear cross traffic alerts-when reversing, especially out of tight parking spots, this system will alert you to passing cars that may be out of sight.
Blind spot warnings-the blind spot warning system will give an audible alert if a car or other object is detected in your blind spot to help you change lanes safely.
Lane departure warnings-in the case of drifting out of lane, the Murano will give audible, visual, or haptic signals to keep you driving straight
High beam assist-adaptive high beams automatically switch to normal headlights when oncoming traffic is detected

Now that we have convinced you of the Murano’s impressive safety record, let’s get into the more entertaining parts of the car. Nissan wanted you to feel fully connected while driving the Murano-connected to your music, friends, and of course the road via advanced navigation systems. Bluetooth connect to your smartphone to play your favorite jams on the Bose premium speakers throughout the cabin. With 11 speakers and dual subwoofers, you may never want to leave your Murano. When it comes time to change the song, respond to a text, or GPS your way to a new location, go hands-free and ask your Murano to do the work for you. Navigation will be displayed in real time on the 8 inch touch screen display as well as giving you audible directions.

The advanced driver assist display keeps you updated from right between the steering wheel. Located in the gauge cluster area, a 7 inch display can quickly show you information such as safety alerts, current music playing, and which compass direction you are headed for. This display can also show each tire’s pressure so you can expedite the process of filling it back up. Want to change your soundtrack? You can do this too by scrolling through your favorite SiriusXM radio stations, all while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

One of our favorite features with the Murano is the ability to control certain functions remotely using your smartphone. With NissanConnect Services Skill for Amazon Alexa, you are able to lock and unlock your Murano, flash your lights, remotely start your engine, and set cabin temperature from a distance. For families with new drivers, NissanConnect allows you to set geographic boundaries, curfews, and speed alerts so your teen does not break any rules on the road.

To see how the Murano’s safety and tech features play out on the road, we welcome you to Graff Nissan for an in-person tour or test drive to see if this car is a good fit for you and your family.

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