Nissan Sentra Interior Features + Comfort For Passengers & Drivers

April 2nd, 2020 by

Comfort doesn’t go out of style. For the Nissan Sentra, you’re looking at a vehicle that does more than getting you from point A to point B. This car is a fantastic mix of technology and design coming together for a smooth and spacious ride.

The scope of today’s Nissan article will grapple with the Nissan Sentra’s interior features. (Yes, they’re worth our time!) We’ll look at the comfort that’s provided for both passengers and drivers in this sporty-looking ride.

If you’re trying to save on fuel, a car is the way to go — especially if you’re not interested in the extras that come with an SUV.

Nissan Sentra interior features
While there’s much to say about the outside, the Nissan Sentra boasts of some killer interior features. And that’s what we’re looking at today.

Take your day-to-day travel activities up a notch in both style and comfort.

Rocking every city block and each highway adventure, this car provides the space you need (and more).

Comfort on the inside
As far as tech goes, it’s the latest and greatest — the sedan of your dreams. Smart technology enables you to enter a toasty car in the winter and a cooled-down car in the summer. From outside the vehicle, you can start your engine and make sure the interior is comfy, then climb inside with keyless entry.

Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control is a fantastic feature. If you like your temperature on the cooler side and your partner likes it on the warmer side, you can both be in your comfort zone.

Heated Front Seats also contribute to a sense of comfort during those chilly winter days.

Additionally, a heated steering wheel is available to keep your hands warm and cozy. And don’t forget about the push button ignition. Gone are the days of fighting with your fistful of keys. Your key chain can sit snugly at the bottom of your purse or bag. Just hop in the Sentra and push the ignition button.

And comfort isn’t just about the things that keep you cozy. It’s also about peace of mind.

Rear Door Alert gives you notice of any items you’ve put in the rear seat. Nissan describes this feature, “If you open a rear door to put a package in the rear seat, when you get to your destination, your Sentra will help alert you to check the rear seat.”

No more forgetting to move the milk out of the car and into the house, right?

Storage space for the win
Other comforts include versatile cargo and seating space. The trunk is helpful for hiding your valuables and keeping everything in one place.

If you need additional space, the Sentra is flexible. It comes with 60/40 split rear seats, making room for more things you need to haul. Cargo space comes out to 14.3 cubic feet. And the wide opening allows you to easily load up what you desire.

Not bad for a car.

A party on wheels
In the Nissan Sentra, you’re connected in more ways than ever before. Your smartphone comes with some fancy advanced technology. Make the most of it with Nissan’s ability to integrate your phone with your car.

From inside the Sentra, you have a front-row seat to a concert in your car — thanks to the Bose Premium Audio System available to this Nissan.

There’s also a class-exclusive USB-C port providing you with a fast and powerful charging port for your smartphone.

Whether it’s Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, or Android Auto, Nissan can fit your Sentra with the tools you want for connectivity and entertainment while on the go.

The Sentra was engineered to be quiet with its noise-absorbing chassis. And the strategically-placed speakers bring quality sound to your travels.

A bold new direction
Now you know how the Nissan Sentra’s interior features fare. They’re bold, convenient, and will take you in a positive direction while you tackle your to-do list.

We discussed the Nissan Sentra’s interior features. There’s comfort for both passengers and drivers. Whoever you are, wherever you have to go, if a car is what you need, the Sentra will get you there.

Sedan or SUV?
But if you’re looking for an SUV, consider the Nissan Rogue. If you’re excited about Nissan’s offerings but you want to level up from a sedan, it’s great to check out your other options before you press forward on a new vehicle purchase. What works well for one person or family isn’t always the right fit for someone else. So take advantage of the opportunity to get out there and weigh all your options.

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