Nissan Murano vs. Luxus RX 350

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Many people are comparing the 2020 Nissan Murano to the Lexus RX 350 nowadays. Both cars are mid-size SUVs with a five passenger seating capacity, and they have a similar exterior design. Nissan and Lexus use the same 3.5L V6 engine, though the RX 350 has a slightly higher horsepower of 295 compared to the Murano’s 260. Let’s take a deeper look at the similarities and differences between these two rides.

The Murano and RX 350 have many similar safety features, but the Murano performs better in accident simulations according to the NHTSA. Standard to both vehicles are antilock brakes, traction control, electronic stability systems, automatic emergency brakes, rearview cameras and a monitoring system to keep you alert. You are able to upgrade both makes to include all wheel drive, lane departure assistance, blind spot alerts, emergency rear braking, adaptive cruise control, and adaptive high beams.

In the case of an accident, the Murano was given a 5 star rating by NHTSA while the RX 350 received only 4 stars. A 35 MPH front crash test showed that the risk of neck injury in the Murano was only 28% compared to the RX 350’s 42%. Passenger neck injury risk scored in a similar pattern with a 25% risk in the Murano and 53% risk in the RX 250.

Fuel Economy
With more power comes less gas mileage. The slightly more powerful RX 350 has a city/highway fuel economy of 19/26mpg while the Murano has 20/28mpg. Additionally, the Murano takes unleaded gasoline which runs about 20 to 55 cents cheaper per gallon than the premium gas which is recommended for the Lexus RX 350.

Interior and Drivability
The Murano has a roomier interior for passengers, and for cargo. With rear seats folded down, the Murano can hold a volume of 67 cubic feet while the RX 350 can handle 56.3 cubic feet. The Murano also provides wireless device charging from the front console which none of the RX models offer.

With the Lexus RX 350 weighing in about 400 to 600 pounds heavier than the Murano, it is no surprise that it handles a bit less athletically than its rival. The Murano scored better on stability and acceleration tests conducted by Motor Trend, and it features an electronically controlled shutter on the front grill to close airflow when the engine is adequately cooled. This translates to higher fuel economy in certain situations such as highway driving. Nissan also made trailering an option with the Murano, allowing up to 1500 pounds of cargo to be hauled. The RX 350 does not provide this feature.

Final Thoughts
The Nissan Murano has proved to be a fierce competitor against the Lexus RX 350. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the Murano is its lower price tag. Starting at $31,530 retail, the Murano is vastly cheaper than the $44,150 starting price for the RX 350. If the Murano sounds like it could be a good fit for your needs, we welcome you to stop by Graff Nissan of Okemos today and take a look in person!

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