Locked Out? How to Unlock a Nissan Altima with Keys Inside

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Locked Out? How to Unlock a Nissan Altima with Keys Inside

You just bought your new Nissan Altima in Okemos, MI, and due to the excitement of it all, you hurriedly park your vehicle when you get home – with the keys still inside. What to do? 

Rather than call a locksmith or a vehicle rescue company to come to your aid (and in the process likely force you to cough up a lot of cash), there are some simple ways to safely and quickly unlock your Nissan Ultima. 

Here, we explore these handy tips that will save you both time and money. 

Use Your Car Wiper 

Car wipers not only help you to clean your car windscreen or wipe off rainwater as you’re driving – they can also save the situation when you lock yourself out of the car with the keys inside. As simple as it sounds, this solution is also ingenious.

Unscrew your wiper from the windshield and then try to slide it through the edge of your car door to get to the interior. If your Nissan Altima has a wedge-shaped door, you’re in luck as it will be easier to create an opening to get your wiper to the car's interior. 

When the wiper is inside, try to use it to reach your keys or click the unlock button. This way, you’ll quickly open your car door and get the keys from where you left them.

Use Your Shoelaces or String

Your shoelaces can be an invaluable tool in unlocking Nissan Altima in Okemos, MI, when you’ve locked the keys inside. If you don’t have laced shoes, you could also consider using a piece of string as it will work just as well. 

What to do here is to tie a slipknot on one side of your shoelace or string, ensuring that you can tighten it by pulling at both ends. 

Now, pass the string or shoelace through the door's edges while holding each side with your hand; move it until the knot gets to the doorknob. When you manage to get it in, tighten the knot by pulling at both ends and then pull up the doorknob, and voila, you've unlocked your door. 

Notably, this approach only works for cars with a doorknob on the top side.

Use a Rod 

The next approach to unlocking your Nissan Altima is to use a long rod. 

Cover the rod with a plastic bag to avoid messing up the paintwork, and if you have one, get an air pump, as it will help you immeasurably in this process. When you have these elements in place, create an opening on the top of your car door.

Push the long rod through and pump in the air on the plastic bag to create a large gap. Then penetrate the rod through until you reach the unlocking doorknob and proceed as needed. 

By using these simple techniques to unlock your Nissan Ultima in Okemos MI, you can easily unlock your Nissan Altima, saving you both money and time.    
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