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The Nissan Rogue is a peppy, compact sports utility vehicle. It’s all the rage with its smart technology and 360-degree protection for both the passengers and the driver behind the wheel. Make every day an adventure in the Nissan Rogue. You’ll find affordability that doesn’t compromise dependability. Give your family a solid compact SUV by taking this Nissan on the road. To further put the spotlight on the Nissan Rogue, we’ll answer the question, “how do you pronounce Nissan Rogue?”


We’ll also take a look at the history behind the name. 

How do you pronounce Nissan Rogue

So let’s get name pronunciation out of the way. How do you pronounce Nissan Rogue?


We’ll tell you how to pronounce both words, we promise. But let’s start with the first word and focus our energies there.


Pronounce the first half of the word as “knee” and render the second half “sahn.”


Place the emphasis on the first syllable, and what do you get? “KNEE-sahn.” That’s what the word Nissan sounds like.


As for the word Rogue, that’s a little different. Rogue sounds like the word “row” with a “g” sound tacked on at the end. “Rowg,” you would say.


So together, that’s “Kneesahn Rowg.” 


How do you pronounce Nissan Rogue? That’s how.

The history behind the name

Now let’s take a step back into history and see what it says about the vehicle’s name. 


The name Nissan itself was comprised of the first letters of each word in the company name Nihon Sangyo (with an added "s"). Nihon Sangyo merged DAT (a vehicle brand in existence) with Tobata Casting, another company that Nihon Sangyo owned. In 1934, the vehicle manufacturing subsidiary of Nihon Sangyo took on the name Nissan Motor Company.


In the dictionary, rogue means to go your own way, to be a rebel — of course, we’re talking about the good kind. But what does it mean to the Rogue’s manufacturer, Nissan?


The Nissan Rogue we know in America was called the Qashqai in Europe and part of Asia. The word Qashqai is the name of a tribe of nomads from the middle east. 


In an article on Jalopnik.com, Nissan was quoted as stating, “Rogue was designed to provide more sporty styling and dynamic performance than other products in the segment. As a result, we wanted to go with a name that would help it to stand out in that crowd while encompassing its more athletic nature."

It’s more than a name

In the Nissan Rogue, you’ll find a vehicle that empowers you to explore the world around you. Your adventure may take you to the grocery store, the park, or the mountains. Wherever you go, drive in peace knowing that your precious cargo is safe and that you’ll get where you need to go.


But you won’t just get there. You’ll get there in style. And the comfort of mind and body is something to consider as you shop for the perfect vehicle. The Rogue provides that and more.


Let’s look at the technology that undergirds the Nissan Rogue for both entertainment and safety. We think you’ll like what we have to share with you. 

Entertainment and safety in the Nissan Rogue

It’s high time you’ve sat behind the wheel of a vehicle that exudes safety.


The Nissan Rogue does this with its advanced 360-degree protection in a world of distraction. The Rogue's Safety Shield 360 gives you confidence, monitoring what's to the front, back, and both sides of your vehicle. 


With features such as Automatic Emergency Braking or Blind Spot Warning and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, to name a few, the Rogue will step in to make sure you're safe.


As for the entertainment factor, stay connected while you're on the go. You can connect your smartphone to your Rogue's touch screen and take control of podcasts and playlists. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrate your phones into the car's entertainment system. Roadtripping with the Rogue’s entertainment system is brimming with possibilities.

Stay connected to your world from the Nissan Rogue

How do you pronounce Nissan Rogue? Now you know, thanks to our answer above.


We’ve explained how to pronounce Nissan Rogue, and we’ve delved into some name history for this delightful compact SUV. 


But the real test of the Nissan Rogue’s worth is seeing it in person. Find your nearest Nissan dealership and ask about taking the Rogue for a spin. Bring your family and watch them find delight in the Rogue’s incredible smart technology and safety features. 


We talked about the history of the Rogue’s name. But what about the Rogue’s manufacturing location? And while you’re at it, you may wish to learn about the inner-workings of the Rogue engine such as its cylinders.


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