Where Are Nissan Altimas Made?


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Who doesn’t know the good old Nissan Altima? The Altima has been one of the staple, everyday mid-sized sedans in the U.S. market since the first one sold in 1993. If you’re wondering where Nissan Altimas are made, you might be surprised to know the answer is “right here in the United States!”


It’s actually one of the few cars from this Japanese auto giant produced exclusively in the United States for some time. 

Where are Nissan Altimas made?

Owing to its popularity, both of Nissan’s vehicle assembly plants in the U.S manufacture the Nissan Altima. The largest of the two facilities is the Nissan’s Smyrna plant in Tennessee, Texas, which opened in 1983. The second-largest is the Nissan Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant in Mississippi, which opened twenty years later in 2003.


Both plants have been manufacturing the Nissan Altima since they started operations. In fact, the Nissan Altima was part of the famous “Job 1” at Nissan’s Smyrna plant.


Nissan’s Smyrna plant is on an 884-acre property with an 8,000-strong workforce. And it produces around 640,000 vehicles annually. Some of the other Nissan vehicles assembled at this plant are the Rogue, Pathfinder, and LEAF. To date, around $6.8 billion has been invested in it.


The Canton plant takes up a 1,034-acre property but has a smaller workforce of around 6,000 and an annual capacity of around 450,000. The Murano and Frontier are two of the other models the Canton plant produces. Understandably, less has been invested in this plant over its shorter lifespan - a total of about $3.45 billion.


Nissan has manufactured nearly 18 million vehicles in the U.S. since 1983 - over 13 million at Smyrna and over 4 million at Canton. 


To show just how popular Altimas are, at least 4.6 million of them have been manufactured at Smyrna alone. That number seems justified as the Altima sold as many as 209,183 units in the U.S. in 2019 alone.


Nissan also operates two engine assembly plants in the U.S. - one being in Decherd near the Smyrna plant, and the other near the Canton plant in Mississippi. Both manufacture the 2.5L 4-cylinder engines used in the Nissan Altima.

The history of the Nissan Altima

Nissan began producing the Altima in its current form in 1992 (first sold in 1993), making it one of Nissan’s most long-lived lines. It actually predates Nissan’s Canton plant by about 11 years. As a continuation of the Nissan Bluebird, the Altima’s legacy goes back as far as 1957.


The name “Altima” first popped up as top-tier trim for the Japanese Nissan Leopard. It was also used for the Nissan Laurel sold in Central America and the Caribbean until 1992.


In 1992, the Nissan Altima officially became its own line - manufactured exclusively in the U.S. However, it was also sold in Central and South America as well as the Middle East and Australia. This was the status quo from its first through to its fourth generation which ran until 2013. The Teana became a rebadged Nissan Altima in the Altima’s 5th generation. 


Historically, the Nissan Altima filled the gap between the Nissan Sentra and Maxima in terms of size, power, and luxury. From 1992, it also entirely replaced the Nissan Stanza which also hailed from the Bluebird line.


The Altima received numerous redesigns during its time. Most have seen it become much sleeker and bolder than its very family-friendly appearance in the 1st generation. However, its 2016 makeover was one of its most defining moments with new bumpers as well as head and tail lamps.


In 2013, Kelly Racing entered four custom Nissan Altimas into the 2013 International V8 Supercars Championship. It was Nissan’s first racing car in this series since the Skyline’s elimination due to rule changes in 1992. To date, Kelly Racing has won three times using these modified Nissan Altimas.

Nissan Altima - A proud history of manufacture in the U.S.

With a vastly improved model in 2019, the Nissan Altima shows no signs of slowing down. After great success in the U.S., it’s now a popular choice internationally as well.


Compared to most of its competitors, the Altima provides great interior comfort, spaciousness, fuel-efficiency, and a fully-equipped infotainment system.


So where are Nissan Altimas made? Right here in the United States of America! Which mean you can feel proud that you’re contributing to local job creation and industry if you decide to purchase one.

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