Does Nissan Rogue Have 3rd Row Seating? & Other Capacity FAQS

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Your current vehicle has served you well, but with time in the mix, you’re feeling the pressure of a new upgrade. Whether it’s because your car has gone beyond what it’s predicted to handle in terms of mileage or simply because you like to change your car out every couple of years, car shopping doesn’t have to be complicated. 


Especially if you find yourself admiring the likes of a quality vehicle upgrade: like the Nissan Rogue.


As you find yourself weighing your options for that new vehicle, it makes sense to ask questions. Does the vehicle meet the needs of your family and lifestyle?


For some, questions like, “Does a Nissan Rogue have 3rd-row seating?” could be a top priority. And that’s where we come in. Today we’re going to answer that and more. 

Does the Nissan Rogue have third-row seating?

In short, the Nissan Rogue does indeed have third-row seating. But, keep in mind, it's optional as an upgrade. This third-row seating increases the seating to allow for seven passengers in total. 


For a compact SUV, this is an uncommon feature.


If you’re a growing family, the upgrade can be a tempting feature for you. There’s room for the kids, their friends, and a whole future of possibilities. 


Now you can bring a whole crew with you on adventures — whether that be to the ice cream shop or to the mountains. It’s up to you.


The Nissan Rogue does have 3rd-row seating.

Does the Nissan Rogue offer driver assistant technology?

So after tackling the question, “Does Nissan Rogue have 3rd-row seating?” we have some other questions to answer.


You may have noticed that, in newer vehicles, driver assistant technology is a growing trend. The technology lets you drive with confidence, alerting you to the presence of objects in your blind spots, for example. There's also an automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, rear automatic braking, rear cross-traffic alert, intelligent lane intervention, and high beam assistant. 


The Nissan Rogue boasts of having the Nissan Safety Shield 360 that handles all of the above-listed safety features. Nissan describes it as being "surrounded by confidence on every drive."

Does the Nissan Rogue have AWD?

Yes, the Nissan Rogue has All Wheel Drive technology! And it’s great for adventures. The intelligent All Wheel Drive technology included with the Nissan Rogue is responsive and adaptable to changing conditions. Whether you're dealing with snow, rain, or loose gravel, the Nissan's AWD will give you the right boost of power for mobility.


The intelligent AWD technology gives your Rogue power to the front and rear wheels. As you gain speed, the system distributes the power to the front wheel for an effective drive. When the road is slick or the turn is tight, the AWD power is transferred from the front to the rear tires.

Is the Nissan Rogue a hybrid vehicle?

If you’re looking for a hybrid vehicle, look no further. You can get the Nissan Rogue hybrid. 


Hybrid is a great way to optimize your fuel use. The engine idle, start/stop technology helps you mitigate energy use while you're stalled at a stoplight. It can also save your engine from eating up power when you're "coasting" down the highway. 


Your Rogue will have a feature available which enables you to monitor your battery and fuel use on the touch screen.

It’s compact. Does it have ample storage space?

That’s something this blogger loves about the Nissan Rogue. In spite of being compact, there is an impressive amount of space in the vehicle underneath back row seats and in the cargo area. 


There’s even a divide-n-hide space in the cargo area.


Sure, it’s not a minivan, but it does have some storage space that’s nothing to laugh at for its size. 

Adventure is out there. Chase it with the Rogue.

So we looked at questions such as “Does the Nissan Rogue have 3rd-row seating?” and more. 


As you can see through our responses, there are many killer features packed into this compact SUV. Visit your local Nissan dealership and see about your Rogue options and what’s best for your family’s needs.


For more on the Nissan Rogue, we have more to share on its looks and who’s been loving it. The Nissan Rogue is good for celebrities and the “everyday” man or woman. Check it out and don’t take our word for it. Go see what it’s all about.

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