2022 Nissan Ariya Specs

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After its introduction in 2019 as a concept car, the Nissan Ariya is now becoming a reality. This electric crossover SUV is scheduled to go on the market first in Japan in mid 2021, making its debut at American and Canadian dealerships later on in the year. Ariya will be joining Nissan’s Leaf as the second model in their line of electric vehicles. The Leaf proved quite popular, and converted many consumers to electric vehicles rather than traditional engines. Nissan has been a leader in electric vehicle sales solely with the Leaf, so we are expecting that the debut of the Ariya will be very successful.

Compared to the Leaf, Ariya is anticipated to be more robust in range, and potentially appeal to a wider consumer base due to its larger size. The Ariya will include groundbreaking technology and a top-of-the-line infotainment system which is exciting for both drivers and passengers. Nissan’s Senior Vice President Ivan Espinosa set the bar high telling reporters, “I’m not afraid to say this is probably the most technologically advanced car that Nissan has made in its history”. Read on to learn about all the specs with Nissan’s newest electric vehicle.

Engine and Performance
Inspired by the GT-R sports car, Nissan opted to include a torque-split system as an option on some trims with the Ariya. Dubbed the “e-4ORCE system”, this dual-front/rear-electric-motor configuration allows for faster acceleration with the Ariya, and all-wheel drive. If all-wheel drive is not necessary for your driving needs, you can stick with two-wheel drive as well. A 63 kWh battery is standard on the Ariya, with the option to upgrade to a long range 87 kWh battery. On the 2WD long range model, one can expect to get up to a whopping 300 miles in range on a single charge, outcompeting most other electric vehicles coming on the market. Even the standard battery with AWD can achieve an impressive range of 260 miles. The Ariya’s e-Pedal enables the driver to start, accelerate and decelerate by using only the accelerator pedal, giving the Ariya a sportier driving feel.

The Ariya includes a water-cooled battery control system to allow for faster charging times and continual power delivery. Unlike the Leaf which uses CHAdeMO, Ariya will use a combined charging system (CCS) which uses both AC and DC charging pins. The Ariya is compatible for charging with public stations, or at home with a 110 volt or 240 volt outlet. With the help of a DC fast charging unit, the Ariya can rack up 200 miles of range in less than a half hour.

Nissan pulled out all the stops with the Ariya. It truly feels like a car of the future with its electric motor and self-driving features. The newest iteration of Nissan’s advanced driver assistance system, ProPilot Assist 2.0, will be an optional upgrade with the Ariya. The original ProPilot system was considered a level 2 partially automated system with adaptive cruise control, lane departure assistance, camera-detected lane marking even on the highway, and blind spot detection.

ProPilot 2.0 is now deemed level 3 automation and includes the possibility of going hands-free on certain roads. This allows you to set a desired speed and following distance from the car in front of you, and let your vehicle take over the majority of driving. Ariya uses a front camera and front radar sensors to guide its steering inputs, keeping you in your lane and a safe distance from traffic ahead of you. The driver will need to take over when it comes time to pass slower vehicles, but you can override the system any time you want. Additionally, pressing the ProPilot park button will enable Ariya to smoothly steer you into tight parking spots, even when parallel parking.

Standard to all trims is automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, lane departure alerts, adaptive high beams, and lane-keeping assistance. The Ariya’s infotainment system includes a 12.3 inch touch screen in the center of the dash which is wirelessly compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. This display shows entertainment, comfort controls, weather, and more. The vehicle also includes a 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster behind the wheel to display odometer, speedometer and battery charge. These displays can be customized by swiping widgets left and right, from one screen to another.

The style of Ariya’s interior is sleek and minimalist, while prioritizing comfort. The flat and low floor allows for plenty of legroom for all passengers, which is to be expected for a car that does not have an internal combustion engine. A sliding middle console can grant a few inches here and there as well. The center console houses the gear selector and touch sensitive driving modes, as well as a wireless charging pad. Capacitive climate controls are featured on the lower portion of the dash in a wood trim.

Passenger and driver alike get to experience Nissan’s signature zero gravity seats which include 14 pressure points to keep the spine in a neutral position. This posture places the least amount of stress on the bones and jones to keep you comfortable and avoid fatigue even during long drives. Ariya can comfortably seat five while still allowing for  16.5 cubic feet of cargo space in the 2WD trim, whereas the AWD accommodates a slightly lower cargo area of 14.6 cubic feet. Keep in mind that these numbers are with the second row of seats in use, so you could fold these down and open up even more room.

Nissan has called Ariya’s design “Timeless Japanese Futurism”, and we certainly can agree that Ariya’s exterior looks futuristic yet not overly stylized. Nissan went for a floating roof appearance with this model, and offers six options of two-tone paint jobs. The front of the car showcases a 3D Japanese Kumiko pattern grill and an LED-illuminated Nissan logo. The thin-lined LED headlights contribute to the futuristic look as well as the brake lights which span the entirety of the rear. The five spoke, 19 inch wheels, have been stylized to clue onlookers in that this is not your everyday SUV; this is the future of driving.

The Ariya starts out its lowest trim model at $40,000 without any state or federal tax credits, which is on par with other combustible engine SUVs on the market. Those who purchase hybrid or fully electric vehicles from Nissan are eligible for $7,500 in federal tax credit as well as state incentives depending on where they live. These incentives can cut down the cost of the Ariya by up to $10,000 when buying in the United States.

The Ariya has electric as well as combustible engine drivers counting down the days until the release of this vehicle to American dealerships. The combination of an electric drivetrain with groundbreaking driver assistance technologies and a sleek design makes the Ariya an attractive buy, especially when you factor in the reasonable pricing. Nissan has shown us what the future of driving will look like with the Ariya, and we cannot contain our excitement. Be sure to stop by Graff Nissan next year to check out the Ariya for yourself in person.

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